Blueprint for a college

19 November 2015

Last week, on November 11 and 12, more than a dozen creative, entrepreneurial, idealistic minds from across the country gathered in the Del Shirley room of Allen Hall, the heart of Sitka’s Sheldon Jackson Campus.

Will, Javier, and Jonathan presented the foundational documents for Outer Coast they had prepared over the preceding two months: a detailed draft budget and what we are calling a “college blueprint” — a comprehensive blend of student handbook and operations plan.

Our band of inspired collaborators interrogated every sentence of these documents, further invigorating the vision of the school and strengthening and deepening the detail of our plans.

We are excited to share this college blueprint in the coming weeks. We are also excited to share a shot of last week’s gathering, taken by the inimitable James Poulson:

Outer Coast meeting in Del Shirley room in Allen Hall

Danny Powers, who joined us from Anchorage with quadcopter in tow, recorded drone footage (and made a cool video mash-up) that gives a breathtaking and vertiginous glimpse of the relation of Sheldon Jackson Campus to the community of Sitka and to the mountains and ocean that define the rugged geography of Alaska’s Outer Coast. (Thank you, Danny!)

We also want to welcome a fourth member to our core team: Stephanie Gilardi, who recently moved to Sitka as a Sitka Winter Fellow to join Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Tlingit language revitalization efforts.

A big thank you to everyone — to those who joined us last week in Sitka, and to those around the country who have helped from afar. You have given this project so much of its energy and potential.

Javier, Jonathan, Stephanie, and Will

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