501(c)(3) Status and Other Annoucements

26 September 2018

After what was truly an amazing summer, the Outer Coast team convened in Sitka earlier this month to take stock of where we are and make plans for the coming year.

Here’s what we’re excited to share with you:

The IRS granted Outer Coast 501(c)(3) status! We are thrilled to be in the company of other nonprofit organizations. A huge thanks to Cecilia Dumouchel and Terrell Carter for dedicating just shy of 100 hours over nearly two years to the 1023 application and working closely with our legal counsel along the way. Your hard work paid off.

We seek to bring on a Program and Operations Fellow to round out our team. Please share widely and let us know if you have any leads

Our team continues to grow!

Joe Weyhmiller is Outer Coast’s Development and Administration Fellow, joining the principal team as a 2018-19 Alaska Fellow based in Sitka. Joe hails from Craig, Alaska and recently graduated from Boise State University with a B.A in History & Secondary Education. Joe is a dedicated educator, having played a variety of roles in K-12 schools, most recently as a social studies teacher at Initial Point High School in Kuna, Idaho.

After finally, after a weekend of conversation and reading through the overwhelmingly positive 2018 Summer Seminar feedback, we are thrilled to announce that we plan to run a Summer Seminar in 2019. We are incredibly excited to hone our model, based on student and staffulty feedback, and offer the opportunity to more students from across Alaska and the Lower 48. We look forward to working with the 2018 student body on the recruitment and admission of our next class of students.

We’ll keep you posted when the nominations form and application go live.

Best Wishes from Sitka,

Bryden, Cecilia, Erin, Joe, and Jonathan

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