Final Update of 2018

29 December 2018

Before we close out the year, we have one more thing to share with you: the latest draft of the Outer Coast prospectus – what we are calling version 8.3.

What is the prospectus?

In short, it is a comprehensive overview of our vision for Outer Coast and details our progress, from our origins to future plans for the college, and everything in between.

Prospectus 8.3 comes at the conclusion of an exciting 2018 and incorporates this year’s milestones, including the launch of our inaugural Summer Seminar and our plans to refine and expand programming in 2019.

The prospectus has truly been a labor of love, now having gone through numerous evolutions since Will Hunt drafted the original in 2016. Version 8.3 is here thanks to a small group of incredibly dedicated Outer Coast supporters, who graciously agreed to edit this important document. We would not have this draft without your helpful feedback.

A huge thank you to our amazing prospectus editors:

Randall Balmer, Terrell Carter, Jeff Clifford, Paul Cox, Gregg Erickson, Doris Feinberg, Brendan Jones, Liz Kinsley, Anthony Mallott, Roger Pearlmutter, Zach Robinson, Mike Walsh, Ben Watsky, & Kirk Wickersham.

And, in particular, to “executive editor” Erin Slomski-Pritz, who synthesized feedback and served as midwife to this latest, greatest iteration.

And finally, thank you to all who have already contributed financially to Outer Coast this year. Your support makes our work possible, and even more concretely, it helps us say “yes” to every student who wants to be part of this vision, no matter his or her means, and invests in our exceptional team as we continue to provide this unique experience to today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Best wishes to all,

Erin, Bryden, Cecilia, Emma, Joe, Johnny, Jonathan, & the whole Outer Coast team

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