Introducing the 2019 Outer Coast Summer Seminar Student Body!

29 May 2019

They’re coming! From down the street and around the globe, the student body of the 2019 Outer Coast Summer Seminar will arrive in Sitka at the end of June. We can’t wait for them to be here.

This exceptional group of twenty-four students hails from across Alaska, six states in the Lower 48, and three countries abroad. They’re making the trek from small towns, like Brevig Mission in western Alaska (population 397) and Huntsville, Utah (population 637), and big cities, like Ningbo, China (population 7.6 million) and Brooklyn (population 2.65 million). And for some, home is as far away as the Netherlands and Kenya, or as close by as Southeast Alaska communities Juneau and Kake (not to mention Sitka).

Overall, thirteen students are from Alaska, two-thirds of whom are Alaska Native, and we’re proud to welcome back a returning student from the inaugural Outer Coast Summer Seminar. This worldly bunch of whippersnappers brings a wide variety of interests, pursuits, and passions, including long-distance running, peanut-butter-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie baking, air rifling and air pistoling, lead singing (and occasional rhythm guitaring) in band called Kindergarten, commercial fishing, and fermenting (aka “the human-bacteria relationship in different cultures…”).

Students will be welcomed by a talented, dedicated “staffulty,” who will support them through the Summer Seminar’s three pillars of academics, service, and self-governance. We still have lots to do over the next five weeks to prepare, but we’re up to the task and excited to keep you updated on our progress.

More soon!

The Outer Coast Team

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