Announcing the Outer Coast Semester!

10 August 2019

Last Saturday, the 2019 Outer Coast Summer Seminar officially came to a close. After an incredible five weeks of hard work building trails, relationships, community, and much more, the students said their goodbyes (for now).

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for a student-written reflection on the ins and outs of the program!

With the successes of the Summer Seminar fresh in our minds, we are thrilled to announce the next major step toward making the college a reality: Introducing…

The Outer Coast Semester!

In January 2020, we plan to bring together students from across Alaska and around the world to participate in the first full semester of the Outer Coast experience.

We are looking for high school graduates who want to develop their critical thinking, listening, and communication skills while engaging with the communities around them, both big and small. Together, they will participate in college-level academics, maintain their campus, cook their meals, serve the greater Sitka community, and make self-governance decisions that will influence and shape Outer Coast student bodies to come.

Do you know a student or faculty member who would be interested in the Outer Coast Semester?

If so, please reply and let us know!

Want to help make this program possible? Please consider making a donation to Outer Coast. Your support would play a vital role in the development of this program.

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Thank you for all your support and spreading the word!

The Outer Coast Team

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