Where can I read more?

Inside Higher Ed, Sitka Sentinel, Alaska Dispatch News, The Economist, and Capital City Weekly/Juneau Empire have all covered Outer Coast.

Do you have a campus?

We’re talking about it! The nationally renowned Sitka Fine Arts Camp owns and is restoring the Sheldon Jackson Campus. We are excited about the possibility of Outer Coast on Sheldon Jackson Campus, but nothing is decided and there are many important details to work through.

Will there be any gender-based eligibility requirements?

No, none at all. Outer Coast welcomes all students, regardless of gender.

Will credits from Outer Coast be transferable to four-year universities?

Outer Coast is in conversations with prospective partner institutions to sponsor interim accreditation, simultaneous to the larger process of applying for independent accreditation. Our goal is to make our credits transferable to four-year institutions upon accreditation.