Kashook’ Áa Ḵaa Ee Dultóowu Yé

Tlingit Language Massive Open Online Course

Outer Coast is excited to partner with the Sealaska Heritage Institute in order to offer its first Tlingit Language open online course. Kashook’ Áa Ḵaa Ee Dultóowu Yé will offer an opportunity for all levels of language learners to practice Tlingit in a welcoming online environment. MCed by X̱’unei Lance Twitchell, this course will invite elders and other teachers from across Southeast Alaska to lead classes and share their knowledge. The course will also facilitate specialized conversation sections where learners of all levels can practice the language with others of their ability.

Kashook’ Áa Ḵaa Ee Dultóowu Yé is offered at no cost to all who wish to participate.

You can sign up for this course below, and Outer Coast will follow up with you by email with more instructions on how to enroll.


This course begins Monday, June 29 and ends Friday, July 31. All sessions will run 7:00 – 8:30pm AKDT over Zoom. The session type will follow the recurring schedule below:

Syntax Description
Mondays Advanced learners conversation section
Tuesdays All learners
Wednesdays Intermediate learners conversation section
Thursdays All learners
Fridays Beginner learners conversation section

All learners are welcome to attend all conversation sections and listen, but are asked to actively contribute only to the section most appropriate to their proficiency.

The Tlingit language MOOC is an effort to provide content to a wide audience and continue to explore how education can be a vessel where Alaska Native languages thrive and reach all those in need of the cherished voices of those who came before us as well as those who have yet to arrive.

Many of our languages are threatened with extinction, and being unable to be in the same physical space as those who are learning has the potential to accelerate language death. This MOOC is a step to mediate language loss, and it can create a model of delivery for other Alaska Native languages.

There are fewer than 100 people who can speak Lingít (Tlingit) at an advanced level, so it is critical to attempt to create access to learning opportunities without barriers of time, space, and cost.

X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell